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Monday, August 21, 2006

Disaster Relief

Unfortunately, events in recent years seemed to have brought the subject of disaster relief much closer to the limelight than in the previous decade. With 9/11 and all of the various smaller terrorist-related incidents, plus several major natural disasters like hurricane Katrina and the tsunami in Southeast Asia, it's a big deal.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers are a group of vounteers who freely offer help using Scientology techniques to anyone in need.

One thing that I find very important for people to understand is the difference between what the Scientology Volunteer Ministers do and what others do as part of disaster relief efforts. While governments already employ all manner of staff to handle the physical destruction that happens during these times (I am referring to firemen, police officers, etc.), there is however, another, additional function which is not performed by any of those fine people: What does one do to address the mental state of all of the people who survived but with torn lives due to injuries, loss of property in many cases the deaths of people they knew and loved.

This is why I feel so strongly about what the Scientology Volunteer Ministers do: it's extremely vital, is often not done in their absence, and they are uniquely suited to the job due to their Scientology training.

Afterall, once the dust has settled and the immediate disaster is over, the highest priority is to put the survivors back together so they can carry on. It can be a tough job sometimes, and isn't one that can be done with just building materials - it's a mental and spiritual matter.

As a note, the VMs don't just work in times and places of disaster. All year round they continue to give help to those in need of it. Check out the Volunteer Ministers web site for more info.


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