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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

fading signs of life

I was driving down Franklin Ave the other day, listening to one of the "more stimulating" hosts of KFI (as their promotion exclaims), and he was stating results of a survey regarding what people thought the first five amendments to the constitution were.

While some people seemed to get it right, I believe that well over half of the people had some very misguided ideas, the hosts personal favorite being "the right to drive a car" - which sent him into gails laughter.

In my opinion, it ain't that funny. It's kind of like that viewpoint that you hear sometimes: "Well, by the time it gets real bad, I'll be long dead." I guess that's one way to look at it, but that viewpoint also assumes that all that happens to one in the here and now is what counts (and people I know like that, generally, are miserable).

I did check around and found this page on the Scientology Human Rights France site, as well as some other stuff that was put up by Scientology: Scientology News on CCHR. This seems like interesting stuff. It'd be great if we could see more of it in the main stream media.

Just out of curiousity I decided to look for the Declaration of Independence on Google. Guess what comes up:, and an animationed zooming Flash movie in the upper right hand corner branded with "Declare Your Independence - Buy Your Copy Now". Hmmm... my opinion: We've slipped a bit.


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