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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Needed in the Philippines to Help in the Wake of Typhoon Durian

Super Typhoon Durian, now over Vietnam

Scientology Volunteer Ministers are urgently needed to join the relief effort in the Philippines.

Volunteer Ministers from Taiwan, Japan and Australia are traveling to the Philippines to help the people of the region recover from the devastating typhoon that ravaged the area leaving as many as 1,000 presumed dead and 40,000 homeless; and Scientology churches from around the world are assembling teams to join them.

On Thursday the 30th of November, the Philippines was struck by the typhoon. Landslides and floods have caused most of the deaths and destruction resulting in the President of the Philippines declaring a state of national calamity.

The most urgent relief needed at this point is the providing of food and supplies, particularly for those left homeless or in shelters.

The International Volunteer Ministers Coordinator has put out a call for volunteers and donations to help in the disaster relief effort.

The Scientology Mission of Manila is the headquarters for the Volunteer Ministers relief effort. From there volunteers will be dispatched to the disaster areas — 11 provinces in all throughout the area southeast of Manila.

With the need to respond with as many personnel as possible, the Volunteer Ministers Coordinator has specified that anyone who wants to help will be given disaster relief training and is welcome to join the teams.

To learn how you can participate in the Scientology Disaster Relief effort or to donate funds to help with the airfare and support of these volunteers on the ground, contact the Volunteer Ministers Coordinator or your local Scientology church or mission.

Contact information:
800.435.7498(US &Canada)
323-960-1949 (International callers)


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