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Thursday, August 10, 2006

_alf is pissed off after reading the home page

Did you ever notice how the media just loves to sensationalize all the bad news in the world? Here, take a minute and check out Wow, guess what? On whatever day you visited in this on, I'll put money on the fact that it was filled with the latest hezbollah bombing, or dead troops in Iraq, etc., etc.

And if you ask any reporter, what does he say? "It sells."

Yeah, and so do a lot of things that I wouldn't sell to people.

Take that, and flip it around. I recall a few places that I went and when I walked in the door, or set foot upon the earth there - it immediately felt different. Different because so much of crap was gone. Places like the Scientology Church in San Francisco, and the Grand Canyon - you set foot there - things are a bit different.

And that's why I title this post as I have - because it's people making money of selling crap - because people tend to be glued to it. But really, what you want is to be rid of it.


  • You are totally, utterly, and in all other ways out of hand. But, I sort of have to agree with you. :)

    By Blogger turbotad, at 2:17 AM  

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