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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Alf Recommends Issue Tracking Software for Politicians

It just occured to me today that there is a significant problem with American and International politics that the software development industry has had licked for years: Issue Tracking.

Don't you ever wonder what happens to all those issues that hear politicians talk about? I was going to give you a list, but you know what - I can't hardly remember any because they're not tracked!

Where's the database? Who's making sure these "bugs" get fixed before the next candidate gets released? You hear about it on the radio one day, next week it's like it never happened.

Can you imagine if software companies were that slack with thier issue tracking. Windows and Internet Explorer bugs would be nothing in comparison.

So the fix is simple: Fire up BugZilla or other issue tracking software and enter in all of the crazy and alarming stories you hear on the major news networks, and assign them to the different political leaders responsible. Then, when election times rolls around, compare the list of outstanding "bugs" ;-)


  • I second this! There are literally thousands of issues we could have logged for George W. Bush over the past years.

    By Anonymous B, at 8:02 PM  

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