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Thursday, August 10, 2006

_alf thinks that Soylent Green is a humurous exaggeration but a likely plot

Forget little green nuggets of mystery food, forget "it's people...", but remember: Throughout history "the masses" have always been manipulated to serve the ends of a precious few (maybe not by being served as food to each other, but in other ways).

While the globalists continue to push forward on their scheme for a one world government, plodding along with the Euro, amassing money through the various wars that have been occuring and will continue to be waged, the fate of our world hangs in balance, with each tug on the proverbial rope inching us toward the line the sand.

So be vigilent (figuratively of course), stay alert, and don't eat something that no one a the table can identify, especially if it's green.


P.S. People think life is short - I have no idea what the heck they are talking about. Instead of whining, I recommend one does all he can to help his fellow man - maybe after he does that, he'll have earned the right to complain.


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