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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Space Shuttle Columbia Incident and Microsoft PowerPoint

I know this is old, old news, but I ran into this today and thought I'd put up a post on it.

This is the Washington post article about the PowerPoint presentation that led to faulty decisions and disaster: article/2005/08/29/AR2005082901444.html

Personally, I think it pretty rediculous to blame the software for the poor conveyance of vital information. This is the same category as blaming the gun instead of the guy that pulled the trigger. Besides, what do you want them to do? Put a big label on the box that says "Listen you fool, if you are trying to communicate information that might involve people living or dying, or things exploding, etc., then make sure you put it in big enough type because the default is made for sales presentations and is too small." Hmmn... something wrong with this picture.


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