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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Interview with a Scientologist: Does the Church engage in interfaith affairs?

Interviewer: Does the Church engage in interfaith affairs?

Scientologist: Absolutely. The Church of Scientology is a strong advocate of the interfaith approach on issues important to all religions. Scientologists work with representatives of many religions to support and encourage interreligious dialogue, religious freedom, constitutional law and respect for religion in society.

Scientologists have fought actively for religious freedom in Europe. In Strassbourg, France, 2,500 Scientologists proclaimed a “Declaration of Religious Freedom” which was subsequently accepted by the Council of Europe. In Denmark, Scientologists are active members of the Danish Interfaith Forum, an outspoken voice for religious freedom in that country.

Also, in Belgium, the Church played a key role in establishing the ecumenical European Council of Religious Movements whose members represent their respective churches and religions in dealing with issues of religious freedom.

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Church organized the “European Journey for Religious Freedom.” News of this 3,225 kilometer marathon through eight countries reached an estimated 33 million people, raising public awareness of the importance of human rights. In many countries of the world, the Church has brought together diverse religions to speak out against intolerance.

And to further bring the message of human rights to Europe, the Church launched the European Marathon for Human Rights—4,500 kilometers through seven countries in 13 weeks. The team of runners carried a Proclamation to uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and as they traveled through new cities, the runners invited others to show their support by signing the Proclamation. Soon, the document was covered with thousands of signatures from mayors, city council members, parliamentarians, police commanders, Olympic athletes, famous musicians, leading artists and religious leaders from throughout Europe.


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