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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Interview with a Scientologist: I've heard of something called the "dynamics" - what's that all about?

Interviewer: I've heard of something called the "dynamics" - what's that all about?

Scientologist: It's pretty simple, really. Every individual has an urge and determination to survive, right? If you take good look at it, you'll see that the pursuit of survival is the common denominator of all life.

For an individual, this drive for survival embraces eight distinct divisions. In Scientology these are known as the dynamics. The dynamics are best conceived as concentric circles with (1) self in the middle and extending to (2) family and sex, (3) groups, (4) mankind, (5) all life forms, (6) the physical universe, (7) spirituality and (8) infinity or the Supreme Being.

You've got the first dynamic, which one's self, and is the effort to survive as an individual, to be an individual and to fully express one’s individuality.

The second dynamic is creativity. Creativity is making things for the future and the second dynamic includes any creativity. The second dynamic contains the family unit and the rearing of children as well as anything that can be categorized as a family activity. It incidentally includes sex as a mechanism to compel future survival...

Interviewer: And so on from there, I'm tracking. But how do Scientologists use this information?

Scientologist: Well, a good example is in making decisions about whether or not an action one might do would be right or wrong. If you make your decision based on which solution does the most good for the greater number of dynamics, you'd have the better solution.

Interviewer: Hmm - yeah, I see that.


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