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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Interview with a Scientologist: What's this "Way to Happiness" I hear about?

Interviewer: What's this "Way to Happiness" I hear about?

Scientologist: The Way to Happiness is a non-religious moral code written by L. Ron Hubbard and based wholly on common sense.

It's like this: A major concern today is the continuing decline of moral standards, a problem which underlies a wide variety of other ills that plague our society.

Mr. L. Ron Hubbard was keenly aware of this situation in 1980 when he observed that our modern world lacked a code of morals befitting our past-paced society. Old values had been broken but not replaced and many people left to founder.

Even as he continued with his religious researches, Mr. Hubbard always endeavored to bring solutions to the world from a purely humanitarian perspective. And in this instance, quite separate from his religious works—the Scientology religion already had a moral and ethics code— he saw the need for a non-religious moral code.


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