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Saturday, October 07, 2006

I was checking out the news on the web site that they added in a new section (or I never noticed it before) which lists out different Scientology organizations.

It mentions on these pages that there will be news comming. Interesting - I know there is a lot of good news happening with Scientology around the world, so it would be good to be able to see more of it on the web.

This site in general is pretty cool, because it gives the down-to-earth view of what Scientology does around the worl.d What with so much happening in the news regarding Scientology, with all the press coverage of high profile Scientologists like Tom Cruise, John Travolta and the leader of the Church, David Miscavige, one can lose sight of what it's average parishioners are doing. This site seems to give a pretty good snapshot, with news on a regular basis.