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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Meet Alain Vivien

Born on August 20th, 1938, Alain Vivien is a French politician - member of the French Socialist Party. Hobbies include oppressive coups to squash minority groups and spread the idea that freedom of religion is a bad thing.

Some of my favorite hits from him include (source):

"The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution of 1791 prohibits legislators from making laws on proselytization - while this should be the very field legislators should regulate! The fathers of the French Constitution adopted a different attitude in 1789 when they included in the Constitution, under Article 4 of the 1789 Declaration of Human Rights, that 'Freedom consists in doing what does not cause damage to another (...) and limits may only be determined by the law'".

And just to be fair, I'll include the rest of the track:

"That they may have revised the First Amendment is understandable because the first pioneers, who were persecuted in Europe for religious reasons, had the idea of securing religious peace. But today, vast and often very nefarious interests hide themselves behind an allegedly religious cultism. In this, we have a good fight to pick up with our U.S. friends!"

Hmm... "nefarious interests"...

Here's a real classic:

"It is obviously not a matter of the public powers to judge the doctrinal contents of a movement, but there are criteria - for example the respect of human rights, constitutional principles and the great fundamental liberties - which allow to us to know if a group is cultic or not."

It is interesting to note that the Church of Scientology, one of the oppressed groups, would mark extremely high in each of these categories. (human rights, fundamental liberties, constitutional principles).

Okay, let's skip to this track (source):

"The National Assembly instituted a "board of inquiry regarding cults" (commission d'enquĂȘte sure les sectes) headed by parliament members Alain Gest and Jacques Guyard which delivered in 1995 the Gest-Guyard report "Les sectes en France" (cults in France). The "Rapport Gest-Guyard" mentions the impossibility of a legal definition of cult and the imprecise use of the term in common language. It describes the cult problem as a very diverse phenomenon with multiple facets but lists also some practices which it considers as dangerous for individuals and/or society. It stresses the necessity of responding in proportion to the danger presented by a group and of suppressing the abuses of cultic groups while at the same time guaranteeing the freedom of conscience. It's recommendations are to get more information regarding cultic groups, to inform the general public, and to apply the existing laws, where they are violated by cultic groups."

Personally, I find this rather humorous. You have a French government with a physical supreme control over their people, and a rising crime rate (reference), an increasing drug problem (reference), and you've had (he resigned from his key position in 2002) Alain Vivien explaining how we've got to regulate and control and oppress all the activities of organizations (the Church of Scientology included as one of the main religions targeted).

Let's be real here - the fact of the matter is that the rights delivered to American religions under the First Amendment and other parts of the Constitution do not exist as an arbitrary decision, but rather as a natural consequence following the abuse of power by governments and government figures. The same kind of government figures as described here.

History oft repeats itself.

Some other resources to check out on this: - State of Religious Freedom in France
Article from (Scientology being one of the so called "cult" religions)
Scientology - Human Rights France
Documentation of Human Rights Violations in France

I am reminded of a time when I was playing basketball, and smashed my knee into a car which was parked near the edge of the court. Oddly enough, I had done this with the other knee playing basketball a few days earlier, and didn't realize how bad it was until the next morning when my leg buckled under the pressure of me going down the steps to my car, nearly landing me on my kisser. But when I had another injury on the other knee, I received a Scientology assist immediately after (this is the same stuff that Scientology Volunteer Ministers use).

The result was quite noticable actually. Both injuries were very similar, and caused under almost exactly the same circumstances. However, my right knee continued to hurt, while my left knee not only didn't hurt much after the assist, but it was back to normal within about 36 hours, whereas the other one took about a week. That was from receiving just one assist. And the procedure was so simple it hurt (pun intended), and took about 5 minutes. (You can find more on the specific Scientology assist that I did here.)

(If you want more info on what the Church of Scientology is doing in terms of human rights, you can check out the Human Rights France site.)

_alf thinks that Soylent Green is a humurous exaggeration but a likely plot

Forget little green nuggets of mystery food, forget "it's people...", but remember: Throughout history "the masses" have always been manipulated to serve the ends of a precious few (maybe not by being served as food to each other, but in other ways).

While the globalists continue to push forward on their scheme for a one world government, plodding along with the Euro, amassing money through the various wars that have been occuring and will continue to be waged, the fate of our world hangs in balance, with each tug on the proverbial rope inching us toward the line the sand.

So be vigilent (figuratively of course), stay alert, and don't eat something that no one a the table can identify, especially if it's green.


P.S. People think life is short - I have no idea what the heck they are talking about. Instead of whining, I recommend one does all he can to help his fellow man - maybe after he does that, he'll have earned the right to complain.

_alf is pissed off after reading the home page

Did you ever notice how the media just loves to sensationalize all the bad news in the world? Here, take a minute and check out Wow, guess what? On whatever day you visited in this on, I'll put money on the fact that it was filled with the latest hezbollah bombing, or dead troops in Iraq, etc., etc.

And if you ask any reporter, what does he say? "It sells."

Yeah, and so do a lot of things that I wouldn't sell to people.

Take that, and flip it around. I recall a few places that I went and when I walked in the door, or set foot upon the earth there - it immediately felt different. Different because so much of crap was gone. Places like the Scientology Church in San Francisco, and the Grand Canyon - you set foot there - things are a bit different.

And that's why I title this post as I have - because it's people making money of selling crap - because people tend to be glued to it. But really, what you want is to be rid of it.