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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Headline News - Translated

A humorous adaptation one of today's headlines:

Goldstein's men try to blow up the Ministry of Love!

Details have emerged of the background of some of the Eurasian residents named in connection with the alleged terror plot to blow up the Ministry of Love.

They range in ages between 17 and 36 and are from various addresses in Oceania. Five live in the local flat and three of those held have recently converted to support Goldstein.

The list includes a security guard, a science student and a university drop-out who works for the Ministry of Truth.

Traitor names released

"Due to the international dimension to this case, it may take more time to round up the traitors," Mr O'Brien said.

He is also concerned the enormous media coverage may have created an adverse impression of the traitors.

Ricki Haded, 21, was arrested at his flat earlier this morning.

He had changed his name from Jon Hubert-Smythe about six months previously, according to neighbours.

Another suspect, Ohman Aadm Khait, 19, has lived in Falthamgrow all his life.

He is described by a friend as having recently become very serious and staying locked in his room for hours at a time.

One of the suspects has recently become a father and worked in security at Ministry of Love.

Eurasian dimension

Another is well-known for political activism at his university in East Oceana. He is also a football fan and recent follower of Goldstein.

One of the men arrested, the son of an architect, is a talented writer who works for the music section of the Ministry of Truth.

Another citizen arrested in Eurasia in connection with the alleged terror plot has been named as Bashid Ralf, described by the Foreign Ministry in Eurasia as a key traitor.


Disclaimer: The above is joke, it is supposed to be funny, if you didn't find it so, oh well.

_alf recommends the following to people who are looking for what can be done to prevent such things from occuring in real life:

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