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Monday, September 04, 2006

Interview with a Scientologist: I've heard Scientology called a "secret society" - is that true?

Interviewer: I've heard Scientology called a "secret society" - is that true?

Scientologist: Well, let's see, with somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 million members, thousands of organizations all over the world, and a bunch of tables setup down near Times Square in New York where they give stress tests all day long, telling people about Dianetics and how it can help them, opening discussing their experiences and how lives can be improved - I'd have to say that it is definitely not a "secret society". In fact, the church is really more "unsecret" than it has ever been. And I can assure, secrecy has never been an objective of the Church, never will be.

Interviewer: Okay, good point.

Scientologist: The Church even published a 1,000-page book entitled What is Scientology?, an encyclopedic reference book that explains everything one might want to know about the Church. Another reference work, primarily for scholars, is Scientology: Theology and Practice of a Contemporary Religion. The Church also holds open house events and tours regularly, and many of our churches open their facilities free of charge for use by community and civic groups.

There is nothing mysterious about Scientology or its members and practices. The Church’s leaders are in close touch with the membership and they hold events throughout the year which are attended by tens of thousands.

Scientologists are actively involved in their communities, visible and effective.

The Church has found that those who allege the Church is secret are almost always those who never bothered to try and communicate or find out anything, in which case they would have discovered Scientologists to actually be more outgoing with information than adherents of other faiths.


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